The Last Of Us Part II Fans

The Last Of Us Part II Is Making People’s PS4 Fans Louder Than Ever

It’s no secret that the original PS4 as well as the original model PS4 Pro are fairly loud when playing most games, but it seems that The Last Of Us Part II is taking the fan noise to a whole new level.

I must admit, I haven’t noticed anything whilst playing through the game, but I’ve got a second gen PS4 Pro (I definitely used to notice the fan when I had my first gen PS4 Pro). A lot of people are being quite focal about it on Twitter, saying that they can’t hear cutscenes due to how loud the fans are.

I’ve also heard of a few instances where the game has pushed the console too far, and caused it to no longer work (at least temporarily).

I’m fairly hopeful that the PS5 will address a lot of these issues. It looks to be quite focused on cooling, with the size definitely going to have an impact on how effective it is at cooling itself.