The Last Of Us Part II

A Petition Has Been Created Asking Naughty Dog To Remake The Last Of Us Part II’s Story

Gamers have gone to a new level of outrage over The Last Of Us Part II.

A group of gamers have created a petition asking Naughty Dog to “remake the storyline of The Last Of Us Part II”. The petition that was created by a person called Joel (ironically) currently has 16,641 signatures.

This comes after the game was review bombed on Metacritic. The game currently has 79191 user reviews on Metacritic and is sitting at a 4.4/10. This is slightly up from the 3.3 that it was sitting at five or so days ago.

The petition states:


The last of us part 2 delivered a great game play, graphics, and mechanics, but the story was extremely bad, they killed off our favorite character and forced us to use the character that killed off Joel and we were supposed to connect to abbey throughout half of the game, and the main character isn’t even ellie, we want ND to remake the game with the scenes they provided at every trailer with Joel and not model swap him from flashbacks, we need a remake for this game because this was a massive disrespect for every fan that waited 7 years for this sequel, and we need to get what we deserved and it was not this game.

The Last Of Us Part II Is A Game That You Need To Play (And Not Just Read About) To Appreciate