The Last Of Us Part II Review Bomb

The Last Of Us Part II Is Being Review Bombed On Metacritic

The Last Of Us Part II was always going to be divisive, but it seems to be bringing out the worst in gamers. The game is being heavily review bombed on Metacritic, by people who seemingly haven’t even played the game (let alone finished it).

Within 12 hours of it releasing across the world, it already had amassed over 17,000 user reviews on Metacritic, with it currently sitting at a 3.3/10 average. For reference, God of War only has 12,000 user reviews on Metacritic (with a score of 9.1) and Marvel’s Spider-Man only has 4,494 user reviews on Metacritic (with an average score of 8.6).

The review bombing seems to be a ploy by people who don’t seem to be happy with the game’s plot and critical things that happen throughout the game.

The Last Of Us Review Bombed

TheLastOfUs2’s Subreddit had planned to review bomb the game. In a post titled “Metacritic and other user reviews planning”, the post went on to say “Looks like the embargo is lifting tomorrow so we need to plan accordingly to make our voice heard on Metacritic .. and show the devs us as paying customers will not be buying into their facade, so when the day comes we need to be ready to submit our review scores to make our point.

Metacritic does not check to see if gamers own a game like other platforms such as PSN and Xbox Live do, which is understandable given it would be hard for Metacritic to implement, but when there’s so many 0 reviews, which don’t even go into detail but rather read something like the one below, it definitely doesn’t provide a good look.

The Last Of Us Part II MetacriticOver on the critic side, the game sits at a Metacritic score of 95, with 94 Critic reviews in the bank. We gave The Last Of Us Part II a 9.5/10. You can find our review HERE, our bargain guide HERE and all of our guides HERE.