The last Of Us Part II

The Last Of Us Part II Looks To Be Getting Two New Modes

The Last Of Us Part II Is Getting Cheats, Filters, Film Grain Removal & Mirrored, Permadeath And Grounded Modes

PowerPyx (the ultimate trophy hunter) is reporting that The Last Of Us Part II is set to get two new modes in its 1.03 update.

The update is set to bring a Permadeath mode which sounds like you’ll have one life to run through the entire game, which feels like it would be downright impossible.

The other mode is in the form of a Grounded difficulty which in the original brought a much higher difficulty level with things such as the removal as listen mode, the lack of HUD, increased enemy damage and way less supplies around the place.

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I found The Last Of Us Part II to be tough in parts without either of these modes, so the introduction of either of them (or both of them together) sounds downright nasty. They’ll definitely give a new meaning to the survival based nature of the game.