Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition Brings Vergil To The Playstation 5 At Launch

Capcom surprised us all a little (though maybe now when you look at the history of the game) and showed off a brand new trailer for Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition today at the Playstation 5 Showcase.

As per tradition with the series, the Special Edition will include gameplay tweaks but most of all will include playable Vergil, the stylish kind of evil twin brother to series stalwart Dante.

The game will also sport ray tracing on PS5, as well as introducing a turbo Mode and Legendary Dark Knight difficulty mode (which increases enemy count) and new little features that take advantage of the DualSense controller.

Oh and you can play it all in 120fps as well.

You can check out the trailer below:

The game releases digitally at launch for Playstation 5. It wasn’t mentioned whether the game was exclusive so it can be presumed it’ll be on other platforms too. Those who want to just download Vergil will be able to do so for their PS4 copies at a later date, sans the other improvements.


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