Our Thoughts On The Aussie PS5 Prices, Pre-Orders, Release Date And Launch Titles

Following a huge day of PlayStation news, the team dissect this week’s PS5 event, pricing, release date, pre-order debacle and launch lineup.

0:56.955 – Our Thoughts on the Event
5:05.344 – The Pre-Order Debacle
16:01.309 – Are Games Going to be More Expensive From Now On?
19:38.063 – Our Thoughts on the Games Announced
28:38.358 – Does the PlayStation Plus Collection Rival Game Pass
35:54.364 – Does Horizon and Spiderman Coming to the PS4 Change Things?
38:12.147 – Which Console Will Win Out the Next Generation?
43:54.252 – What Games are You Getting at Launch?
46:26.854 – What the Wiki?!

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