Big W Cyberpunk 2077

Big W Has Put Up An In-Store Notice For Cyberpunk 2077

It was reported earlier this week that most Big W stores were refusing Cyberpunk 2077 returns, but it now looks like at least one of the stores has taken action.

This particular store has taken Cyberpunk 2077 off shelves and now requires shoppers to actually ask for the game behind the counter. They’ll then be presumably be met with a warning from the staff member before actually purchasing the item. It’s also noted that this could be due to the game’s R18+ rating.

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Big W Cyberpunk

Further to this, it now looks like the retailer is taking returns more seriously with a notice in store telling customers to head to the technology counter for inquiries.

It’s unclear if this is an imitative from Big W head office, or just one store that has decided to take matter into their own hands. JB Hi-Fi and EB Games are providing refunds to all customers who ask for one.

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