Cyberpunk 2077

EB Games And JB Hi-Fi Will Provide Refunds On Cyberpunk 2077 (Even Collector’s Editions)

In an unprecedented move, EB Games has today advised stores that they are to accept all Cyberpunk 2077 returns and provide full refunds. This is above and beyond their standard 7 day return policy that they will provide on all games. This comes after CD Projekt Red apologised for last-gen console performance.

Staff were told that “Refunds can be processed for any customer who would like to return Cyberpunk 2077, providing all components are returned. Returns are valid for all editions including the Collector’s Edition).

Normally, Collector’s Editions or games that have DLC (such as day one editions) cannot be returned, but EB Games has advised stores to accept copies of the game regardless of DLC being used. If you used Afterpay to pay for your copy, this makes the process a little bit more difficult, so you’ll need to speak to EB Games if this is the case.

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JB Hi-Fi has also advised staff that they are to accept any requested returns on Cyberpunk 2077 if the customer is claiming it as faulty although it is unclear if this also includes Collector’s Editions. Normally this is up to staff discretion as JB Hi-Fi do not normally accept returns on games.

JB Hi-Fi staff were told: “Please ensure any customer wanting to return Cyberpunk as faulty can do so”

It’s certainly an interesting time. It’s a little bit murkier for physical games than regular tech goods, but after Fallout 76, it’s clear that retailers aren’t taking any chances.