Marvel's Avengers

Black Panther Is Coming To Marvel’s Avengers Along With A Heap Of Other Content

Crystal Dynamics announced a bunch of new content for Marvel’s Avengers that’s coming in the coming months.

First off, the free next-gen update for the game launches today on PS5/Xbox Series X along with Hawkeye, a new campaign, new enemy and a few other bits and pieces.

In bigger news, it was confirmed that Black Panther would be joining the game later this year. He will be joining the game in an expansion called ‘War for Wakanda’ along with new villains, a new biome to explore, and an increase to the power level cap.  It was originally rumoured that Black Panther would be the first character, but this was swapped out for Kate Bishop.

Some other updates are coming this year too kicking off with the Tachyon Anomaly Event in Autumn. This will remove restrictions preventing more than one hero to be playable on the same team. It will also bring a new mission.

Avengers 2021

The Red Room Takeover will launch alongside the Black Widow movie and bring new HARM room content to the game.

The Cosmic Cube will launch in Winter and will bring a new Scientist Supreme Villain Sector whilst Wasteland Patrol will also launch in Winter and bring a new War Zone mission called Patrol Mode.

There’s no sign of Spider-Man. It’s unlikely he’s coming until at least Spring, with the content that’s coming out until that point detailed.

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