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The PS3/Vita/PSP Digital PlayStation Stores Are Apparently Being Closed

The Gamer is reporting that that Sony will announce that they are closing the PlayStation stores for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Portable in July and August. This means that games for those specific platforms will be unavailable to purchase going forward.

This is important as it marks the first time that Sony is closing digital storefronts, and obviously there’s quite a lot of games on those platforms that are digital only that will potentially no longer be able to be purchased ever again.

When it comes to Vita and PS3 games, those have been unavailable on the web store since it relaunched last year, signaling that this was probably set to come in the near future.

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It’s presumed that those that have purchased games will still be able to download these games from their download list, but won’t be able to purchase anything else from the PlayStation Store once they go down.

Obviously it makes sense to close these stores eventually, but they’re not that old considering. The PS3 officially stopped production in 2017 whilst the PlayStation Vita stopped production in 2019. It’s definitely a bigger issue for Vita games in which a lot of them are digital only.

It’s expected that this announcement will come at the end of the month, giving gamers only a couple of months to purchase whatever they may want for preservation purposes.