Ghost of Tsushima Movie

A Ghost Of Tsushima Movie Is Coming With John Wick’s Director In Charge

Sony has continued its run of video games being turned into movies with Ghost of Tsushima being the next game to get the treatment.

The announcement was made on the PlayStation Blog by Sucker Punch who is obviously partnering with Sony Pictures to make it happen.

The most exciting part of the announcement is the fact that Chad Stahelski (John Wick) will be directing, so no doubt it’ll be an action-packed movie that anyone can enjoy.

Sucker Punch also revealed that 6.5 million copies of Ghost of Tsushima have now been sold, with half of those people completing the game.

With the Uncharted movie set to release in the near future, and the The Last Of Us HBO show coming out sooner rather than later, it’s going to be a good few years for Sony games on the big (and small) screen.

It’s unclear if the movie will closely follow the narrative of the first game, so it’ll be interesting to see how that plays out. We wouldn’t expect it to release in the next year or two, but we’ll keep you posted.