PS5 Digital

The PS5 Digital Model Has Been Revised And Is Now Lighter & Includes A New Screw

Sony appears to have quietly revised the PS5 Digital Edition.

The new manual listed on the Sony Japan website states that the new model dubbed CFI-1100B weighs 300gm lighter than the launch model which is quite significant considering it’s a 7% reduction bringing the total weight down to 3.6kg (from 3.9kg originally).

Sony also looks to have changed the screw that comes with the stand which now includes a thumb screw that should be easier to put on and off. We’d expect that this will also be changed on the regular PS5 at some point, but it’s unclear if we’ll see a weight reduction in the standard PS5 at some point too.

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It’s unclear at this point what has been taken out/changed in order to lose the 300gm, but we’ll let you know if more information appears.