You Can Download A Free GhostWire: Tokyo Visual Novel On PlayStation Right Now

PlayStation and Bethesda have announced the release of GhostWire: Tokyo – Prelude, a free visual novel set before the events of the upcoming PlayStation exclusive first-person thriller GhostWire: Tokyo.

The visual novel puts players in the shoes of a wisened detective named KK, who anyone that’s been following the main game’s marketing will recognise as the spirit that joins forces with main character Akito. As KK you’ll work with fellow investigators to uncover the truth behind urban legends coming to life in Tokyo. Players can pursue different elements of the story with repeated playthroughs and build relationships with KK’s companions as you’d expect from a visual novel-style experience.

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Check out the launch trailer for GhostWire: Tokyo – Prelude below, and either navigate to the GhostWire: Tokyo store page on your PS5/PS4 console or click here to grab the download now.