Grand Theft Auto V PS5

More Details About Grand Theft Auto V’s PS5/Xbox Series X Release Have Finally Been Revealed

Rockstar has finally revealed more information about the Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online release for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S ahead of its digital release on March 15th. The company today confirmed that a physical release is set to hit stores in April and it doesn’t appear as though there will be a free upgrade or any kind of discounted upgrade for those that own the game on PS4/Xbox One.

For those playing Grand Theft Auto V on PS5/Xbox Series X, there will be three graphical modes.

  • Fidelity Mode – 4K/30FPS/Ray-tracing
  • Performance Mode – Upscaled 4K/60 FPS
  • Performance Ray-tracing Mode – Upscaled 4K/Ray-tracing/Targeting 60FPS

These improvements aside, the game will also have faster loading times, increased population and traffic variety, increased vegetation density, improved lighting quality as well as improved anti-aliasing, motion blur, new explosions, fire and other effects. Those playing on PS5 will also be able to take advantage of the DualSense’s Adaptive Triggers and Haptic Feedback which will allow you to feel weather effects, directional damage, rough road surfaces and more. The game will also take advantage of 3D audio on both platforms.

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When it comes to pulling your progress across, PS4 and Xbox One players will be able to do a one time transfer of both their story mode save as well as online progression but only on the same platform (PS4>PS5/Xbox One>Xbox Series X). This can be done by uploading your save to the Rockstar Games Social Club.

When it comes to Grand Theft Auto Online, there’s been some changes too. Those that have PlayStation Plus will be able to grab it for free on PS5, and new players will be able to access a new Career Builder feature which will start you with $4,000,000 to select essential businesses, properties, vehicles and weapons.

There’s also been other quality of live improvements such as a newly designed introduction and a new main menu that allows you to jump straight into the action.