GTA V’s PS5/Xbox Series X Version Has Appeared On The PlayStation/Xbox Store And Is Cheaper Than Expected

We’ve known that Grand Theft Auto V has been coming to PS5/Xbox Series X since literally the first PS5 event almost two years, ago but just over a week away from launch and we still didn’t have any idea what it would cost until now.

The game has appeared on the PlayStation Store and Xbox Store and for some weird reason has different prices on both.


On the PlayStation Store, the game is currently up for pre-order for $15 AUD for the story component, which is an introductory price until June 14th, when it will then go up to $60 AUD. This is regardless of whether you owned the game on PS4/PS3 or not.  GTA Online on PS5 will be free for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

You can currently order it for $15 on the PlayStation Store by searching Grand Theft Auto V and selecting the PS5 version. Currently, you can only find it on the PS5 directly (not the app or web store).


On the Xbox store, it’s currently listed at $30 marked as a 50% off introductory price for the story mode. It’s unclear if this also includes GTA Online, which isn’t free on Xbox Series X|S, and that’s the reason for the $15 mark up, or if it’s marked incorrectly on the PlayStation Store.


You can find out a bunch more information about Grand Theft Auto V’s PS5/Xbox Series X release here. The game is set to get a physical release in April.