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An Official Horizon Forbidden West PS5 Console Bundle Has Arrived In Australia


We’ve seen this floating around the world for a few months now, but as of today, an official Horizon Forbidden West PS5 console bundle has arrived in Australia and is being sold in certain JB Hi-Fi stores around the country right now.

The bundle costs $844 and includes a digital download code for Horizon Forbidden West. This amount is roughly what it’d cost you to buy the console + game separately.

At the time of writing, we only know of one retailer (JB HI-Fi) who has the bundle, and we’ve even heard of certain stores in all states having stock on hand to sell, but obviously this will vary on a store by store basis and also depends on whether they had existing PS5 orders in the system. If you did have an existing pre-order with JB Hi-Fi, you should be offered this bundle to upgrade to.

It’s unclear if this will roll out to other retailers. In other regions, we’ve been seeing this bundle more than regular PS5 consoles in stock, so it’s likely we will see this in other retailers here in Australia too, but as of this moment, no other retailer in Australia has this particular bundle.

We think that PS5/Xbox Series X situation is going to start easing up in Australia. The Xbox Series X in particular has been in stock at a number of retailers for multiple weeks now, with the Microsoft Store still having stock right now.

Just in case you were sitting on the fence with Horizon Forbidden West, we gave the game a 10/10 in our review and said:

“Horizon Forbidden West is an exceedingly clever sequel, a deep and addictive action RPG, a dense world that unfolds with an impeccable sense of pace, a visual tour de force and the masterful delivery of a promising concept. Somehow, by some sheer creative force a big, blockbuster open world game about post-apocalyptic tribal warriors with AR headsets fighting robot dinosaurs works even better the second time around. If you have access to a PlayStation you owe it to yourself to play this right away.”