AFL Game 2023

Here’s An Exclusive Proper Look At The Next AFL 2023 Game

The first proper gameplay footage for the next AFL game

Yesterday we reported on the fact that the next AFL game (in development at Big Ant Studios) was at the MCG both in the form of a playable set shot demo, but also with a sizzle reel showcasing an early look at the game. We’ve got that sizzle reel exclusively to show you today as well as a bunch of screenshots that we’ve clipped.

Naturally, it’s grand final weekend, so the first trailer shows off the Sydney Swans and the Geelong Cats with prominent players such as Buddy Franklin and Patrick Dangerfield both featured. Just as a reminder, this is early access in-engine footage and not final.

Coming from AFL Evolution 2 (which was made by a different developer), obviously the faces look a lot more realistic, lighting is much improved and player animation also looks a lot more natural. Actual facial expressions and mannerisms also seem to be there for Buddy and Danger at least.


The same can be said for the actual set shot gameplay demo which also featured Buddy and Danger, and seemed to give them both seperate run-ups and celebrations and such. You can see some of that here on an off-screen recording. 

AFL Game 2023

The next AFL game was confirmed to be releasing in 2023 in signage present and it’s set to feature a lot of the features from Big Ant’s Cricket games such as management modes, the academy, full seasons, a hall of fame mode and more.

We’ll obviously keep you posted as we hear more about the game, most likely in the earlier stages of the 2023 season. We’d assume that it will release on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC, but these platforms haven’t yet been confirmed.

AFL Game 2023

Naturally, things might change in the lead-up to launch, but as of right now, this next AFL game looks to be incredibly promising and hopefully Big Ant can turn it into something special.

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