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CD Projekt Just Announced Three New Witcher Games Including A Multiplayer Title

And that's just the beginning!

In an update to its long-term strategy, CD PROJEKT has confirmed work on no less than three brand-new, full-fledged games set in the Witcher universe.

Starting with Codename Polaris, which will be the next mainline Witcher installment, and the beginning of an entirely new saga. CD PROJEKT says this saga will consist of three games, which it intends to publish in a six-year period starting with the release of Polaris. The second and third installment will rely on the technological foundation put in place for Polaris, which should streamline development and enable the studio to focus on achieving its creative vision.

Next up is Codename Canis Majoris, which will reportedly be a full-fledged production produced at an unnamed external studio under the supervision of experienced developers who have previously worked on The Witcher games. This will be a separate title to the new trilogy established with Polaris.

This is the first such product being developed outside of the Group. However, this does not imply that its quality will lag behind our in-house productions. From the technological standpoint it will be based on Unreal Engine 5, along with the toolset created for Polaris. Expect additional announcements soon – says Adam Kici?ski, CEO of CD PROJEKT.

And finally, Codename Sirius is set to be another The Witcher title separate to the mainline saga. This one is in development at Boston developer Molasses Flood and will contain a multiplayer component alongside a single-player campaign.

So there are a lot of new The Witcher games to come, and we still don’t have a release date for the new-gen update to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt! But that hasn’t stopped CDPR from also announcing a full sequel to Cyberpunk 2077 and an entirely new game based on a new, original IP. Read more about all of this here.