The Last Of Us Part II

New The Last Of Us Part 3 Character And Casting Details Have Supposedly Leaked

Word around the rumour Miller.

Some fresh leaks have appeared from some unlikely sources that point to new character and casting details for The Last of Us Part 3, a game that we technically don’t yet know is a sure thing to happen but seems somewhat inevitable.

If Naughty Dog’s next major game is indeed a follow-up to its 2020 blockbuster, then two frequent source of insider info on the film and TV side of things have come forward with what they claim are juicy details on how things are shaping up and where we might see the title go with some of its characters.

First up is a supposed scoop from @DanielRPK, who typically posts rumours and leaks from the MCU and other films. Hidden behind a paywall but shared via Reddit, the “leak” describes a casting call for what are believed to be some secondary characters in the game. The descriptions read as follows.

“Part of the plot will be about a group scavengers surviving on the outskirts of post apocalyptic city, crammed into a Victorian house that serves as their base. They are looking to cast these roles:

Lucas, male, affable, but develops a relationship with another young scavenger and will have a turn to show his dark side. Mason, male, a former solider. When Val gets put in charge, Mason must choose between his loyalty to Ezra and the house. Val, female, leader of the group. Ezra, male, wants to take the house from Val. Gracis, female, 18-25 (no other details on this character)”

As many have already pointed out, this sounds equally plausible as a casting call for the upcoming The Last of Us multiplayer game, but the series is definitely known for rich side characters so while it’s important to stress that these are completely unverified and loose rumours the math definitely maths.

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Another recent apparent tidbit comes from ViewerAnon, who frequently leaks reliable information on test screenings and behind-the-scenes of DC films, claimed that major filming for The Last of Us Part 3 is happening this year and that Ellie will have just as prominent a role this time as in the previous game.

Again, we can’t stress enough that while both of the sources have been reliable in the past for leaks related to the film industry, these new game rumours – tangentially related to film in some ways – are still just that.