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Trophies Are Being Added To More PlayStation Classics Titles


With the release of some brand-new additions to the PS2 lineup of PlayStation Classics titles, this time with new PS5/PS4 emulation that features save states, rendering options and trophy support, it’s a good time to be a retro PlayStation fan and trophy hunter.

Not only have two of this week’s new PS2 titles already been confirmed to have Platinum trophies, but two more existing games have seemingly been freshly updated with trophy lists and Platinums of their own.

Alongside STAR WARS The Clone Wars and Sucker Punch’s iconic Sly Raccoon and the Thievius Raccoonus, both the PS1’s Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue, and the PSP’s Toy Story 3, as well as Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare have also had trophies added, which is exciting news given that until now it’s mostly been first party PlayStation titles that receive trophy lists.

The new PS2 drop, which includes Star Wars, Sly Cooper and Tomb Raider Legend arrives tonight. The lists are just what has been picked up so far from monitoring of the PlayStation Network’s backend by Exophase, so it’s possible that there are more still to come in the near future.

Here are the new trophy lists for all four games:

Sly Raccoon and the Thievius Raccoonus Trophy List

A Cooper’s Pride – Platinum
Unlock all trophies in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.

Stopping the Storm – Bronze
Complete all jobs in Tide of Terror.

Plundered Treasures – Silver
Open all vaults in Tide of Terror.

Croaking Crook – Gold
Defeat Sir Raleigh.

Bringing Down the House – Bronze
Complete all jobs in Sunset Snake Eyes.

Sly’s Hot Streak – Silver
Open all vaults in Sunset Snake Eyes.

Blinding Blaster – Gold
Defeat Muggshot.

Cauldron Disaster – Bronze
Complete all jobs in Vicious Voodoo.

Swampy Secrets – Silver
Open all vaults in Vicious Voodoo.

Bayou Boogie – Gold
Defeat Mz. Ruby.

Production Blocker – Bronze
Complete all jobs in Fire in the Sky.

Safecracker – Silver
Open all vaults in Fire in the Sky.

Panda Pummeler – Gold
Defeat Panda King.

Death Ray Destruction – Bronze
Foil Clockwerk’s plans in The Cold Heart of Hate.

Eternal Enemy – Gold
Defeat Clockwerk.

A Thief Heeds No Warning – Bronze
Destroy 4 signs in A Stealthy Approach.

Nimble Solutions – Bronze
Complete The Fire Down Below without grabbing any hooks.

Charming the Library – Bronze
Complete A Cunning Disguise without using the barrel.

Through the Fire and Planks – Silver
Take a shortcut over flaming debris in The Gunboat Graveyard by using the crow’s nest.

What a Pane – Bronze
Destroy 7 panes of glass in Back Alley Heist.

Look Out Below! – Bronze
Drop 5 cars in Straight to the Top.

Sleight of Hand – Bronze
Defeat all 4 Casino Enforcers at the start of Boneyard Casino without being detected.

The Perfect Date – Silver
Complete Two to Tango without taking damage or falling.

Must Have Been the Ghosts – Silver
Defeat all Voodoo Guards in The Dread Swamp Path without being detected.

Ectoplasmic Slasher – Bronze
Defeat 5 ghosts in a single attack in A Grave Undertaking.

Sly Be Nimble Sly Be Quick – Bronze
Jump over all candles during the chase in The Lair of the Beast.

Slytly Pacifist – Silver
Complete Descent into Danger without defeating any enemies or destroying any alarms.

Get a Clue – Bronze
Collect 5 Clue Bottles.

Seen and Wanted – Bronze
Alert every flashlight guard and set off every alarm in The Unseen Foe.

This Session’s Over – Bronze
Defeat all the training Moo Goo monkeys in Flaming Temple of Flame.

Setting the Mood – Bronze
Launch 2 pink fireworks in Duel by the Dragon.

Share What’s Mine – Bronze
Defeat two or more enemies with the same mine.

Knowing Is Half the Battle – Bronze
Learn the names of 10 enemies through the Binoc-u-com.

No More Beaches for Sly – Bronze
Discover the Water Safety technique.

Super Cooper – Bronze
Discover the Briefly Defy Gravity technique.

Oh No He Didn’t! – Bronze
Steal a kiss.

Speedius Thievius – Silver
Complete 10 Master Thief Sprints.

STAR WARS The Clone Wars Trophy List

Clone Wars Veteran – Platinum
Unlock all trophies in STAR WARS The Clone Wars.

A Desperate RescueBronze
Complete Mission 1: The Rescue Begins.

Stealth of a Jedi – Bronze
Complete Mission 2: Infiltration of the Arena.

A Battle to Remember – Bronze
Complete Mission 3: The Battle of Geonosis.

Save the Outpost – Bronze
Complete Mission 4: The Evacuation of Rhen Var.

No Witnesses – Bronze
Complete Mission 5: Scrap Yard Pursuit.

Weakening Enemy Morale – Bronze
Complete Mission 6: Ambush Among the Wreckage.

Pincer Attack – Bronze
Complete Mission 7: The Conquest of Raxus Prime.

Jedi Jailbreak – Silver
Complete Mission 8: Anakin’s Escape.

A Cry for Help – Silver
Complete Mission 9: New Alliances.

Siege Survival – Silver
Complete Mission 10: The Liberation of Kashyyyk.

Beware the Dark Reaper – Silver
Complete Mission 11: Eye of the Storm.

Crypt Secret – Silver
Complete Mission 12: Lost Legacy.

It Just Might Work – Silver
Complete Mission 13: Desperate Gambit.

Disrupt the Troops – Silver
Complete Mission 14: Assault on Thule.

Capital Assault – Silver
Complete Mission 15: Dark Side Rising.

Reap the Glory of Victory – Gold
Complete Mission 16: Fate of the Republic.

Bonus Man – Bronze
Complete a Bonus Objective.

Overachiever – Silver
Complete 15 Bonus Objectives.

Field Specialist – Gold
Complete 30 Bonus Objectives.

The Elder – Gold
Defeat 100 enemies as Mace Windu on foot.

The Chosen One – Gold
Defeat 100 enemies as Anakin on foot.

Numbers of War – Gold
Defeat 300 enemies while you are piloting vehicles.

Answer My Call – Gold
Give Squad Commands 25 times.

Reliable War Machine – Bronze
Pilot 4 different Republic vehicles.

It May Be Different, but It Gets the Job Done – Silver
Pilot 2 different Separatist vehicles.

Feel the Unlimited Power – Silver
Collect every kind of Power-Up in Campaign.

View My Secrets – Silver
Unlock and open the Unit Viewer and “Making of” Bonus Materials.

Padawan – Bronze
Defeat your first enemy.

Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear To The Rescue Trophy List

I’m Proud of You, Cowboy! – Platinum
Unlock all trophies in Disney•Pixar Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue!

Buzz Lightyear, Part-Time Shepherd – Bronze
Help find and return Bo-Peep’s sheep.

Fastest Space Ranger in Town – Bronze
Win the garage race against R.C. Car.

Cardboard Arena Champion – Silver
Defeat the Tin Robot.

A Good Soldier Never Leaves a Man Behind! – Bronze
Help find and return Sarge’s troops.

This Isn’t Fair! – Bronze
Win the neighborhood race against R.C. Car without the Rocket Jet Boots.

Let’s Go Down a Kite – Silver
Defeat the Zurg Kite.

Bi-Plane Crazy – Silver
Defeat the neighborhood boss.

Oh, Great, You Found Them! – Bronze
Help find and return the Foreman’s little Tikes.

Exploring That Creative Spark – Bronze
Create three batches of paint.

Get Jackhammered – Silver
Defeat the Jackhammer.

One Toy’s Trash Is Buzz’s Treasure – Bronze
Ride a balloon onto a trash can.

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Spin to Win – Silver
Defeat Clown Top with only spin attacks.

Back Alley Clean Up – Silver
Defeat the horrible gooey monster of the alley.

A Prize Unfiled – Bronze
Find a prize on top of the filing cabinets.

Rooster’s Run – Bronze
Win Rooster’s second race.

Attentive Space Ace – Silver
Defeat the Dinosaur without stepping in the green goo.

You Have Saved our Lives! We are Eternally Grateful! – Bronze
Help find and return the Mothership’s aliens.

Full Throttle – Bronze
Win a race against a flying saucer.

Well, That Should Hold You till the Court Martial! – Silver
Defeat the Buzz Lightyear Buggy.

I Knew There Was Something I Didn’t Like about that Chicken! – Silver
Defeat the way-out space toy in the Toy Barn.

Wired and Ready – Bronze
Solve the elevator wire puzzle.

The Great Air Duct Race – Bronze
Win a token race in the air ducts.

I Choose Buzz Lightyear! – Silver
Defeat the Spider Gunro.

Well Aren’t You Just the Sweetest Space Toy I Ever Did Meet! – Bronze
Help find and return Jessie’s critters.

Ride Like the Wind, Bullseye! – Bronze
Accept and complete Bullseye’s challenge.

Reach for the Sky! – Silver
Defeat the Gunslinger with only a charged laser.

So, We Meet Again, Buzz Lightyear, for the Last Time! – Gold
Defeat the Evil Emperor Zurg.

Plane Scavenger – Bronze
Discover a prize hidden on top of the broken plane.

Weighted Success – Silver
Accept and win Rocky Gibraltar’s challenge.

Prospective Winner – Silver
Defeat the Prospector.

Heli Helper – Silver
Solve the puzzle to make the helicopter land.

Forge Ahead – Silver
Defeat the Blacksmith.

Well, Stinky Pete, I Think It’s Time You Learned the True Meaning of Playtime! – Gold
Defeat the final boss in the Prospector Showdown.

Guaranteed to Stick – Bronze
Take a relaxing dip in some cement.

How Ribbiting – Silver
Jump on all the alley lily pads.

This Game Is Rigged – Bronze
Fail to grab the token in the claw machine three times.

You’re a Better Buzz than I Am! – Silver
Speak with Rex in every level he appears in.

To Infinity, and Beyond! – Gold
Hold 9 lives at any time.

Toy Story 3 Trophy List

You’re My Favorite Deputy! – Platinum
Unlock all trophies in Disney•Pixar Toy Story 3.

On the Tracks Again – Silver
Find 8 rail tracks.

Where Are All the Monkeys? – Silver
Break 30 barrels in one go.

Sarge’s Brilliance – Silver
Find 8 bulbs.

Operation: Blindside – Bronze
Close 2 blinds in one go.

Buzz Bubblers – Silver
Find 8 bubble makers.

Has Anyone Seen My Keys? – Bronze
Find a way to switch off car lights.

Woody’s Windmill Whirl – Silver
Find 8 windmill toys.

Picture Perfect – Silver
Straighten up 6 pictures in one go.

Find a Bite to Eat – Silver
Find 8 food toys.

Bullseye in a China Shop – Silver
Knock over 3 jars in one go.

Fly, Fly Away – Silver
Find 8 paper planes.

Bully Woody – Silver
Scare 8 pigeons in one go.

Not So Puzzling – Silver
Find 8 jigsaw puzzle pieces.

Balling over It – Silver
Knock over 5 balls in one go.

Butterfly Effect – Silver
Find 8 plastic butterflies.

Walking Artist – Silver
Walk on 8 painting tubes in one go.

Zookeeper – Silver
Find 8 animal blocks.

Renovation Expert – Gold
Knock down 6 suspended ceiling parts in one go.

Jessie’s Hat Collection – Silver
Find 8 toy hats.

Magnetic Personality – Gold
Knock down 5 red magnets in one go.

Smells Like Plastic – Silver
Find 8 artificial flowers.

Where’s the Off Switch? – Gold
Don’t fall on the conveyor belt before you save Jessie.

Little Green Space Ace – Silver
Find 8 space rocket pieces.

Team Effort – Gold
Switch Aliens 50 times or less to reach the crane.

Sticky Situation – Silver
Find 8 stickers.

The Road Untraveled – Gold
Reach the TV truck without falling on the road.

Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare

I Am the Nightmare – Platinum
Unlock all trophies in Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare (2001).

Sewage Serpent – Bronze
Defeat the Phocomelus in the Basement Pipeworks.

Toasted Bed Tentacles – Bronze
Defeat the monster in the Manor Second Floor West Bedroom.

Dark-Winged Menace – Silver
Defeat the Procuraptor in the Manor Library.

The Nightmare’s Linchpin – Silver
Defeat Alan Morton in the World of Darkness Necropolis.

Shade of the Night – Bronze
Defeat Phocomelus in Lucy’s Bedroom.

A Father No More – Bronze
Defeat Howard Morton in the Manor Library.

Shocking Defeat – Silver
Defeat Howard Morton in the Lightning Conductor Room.

Morton’s Toll – Silver
Defeat Obed Morton in the World of Darkness Columns.

Condemned Manor – Silver
Escape the Manor as Carnby.

Perforated Escape – Silver
Escape the Fort as Aline.

Closing the Case – Gold
Escape Shadow Island as Carnby.

Conquering the Nightmare – Gold
Escape Shadow Island as Aline.

Anticoalt’s Bison – Bronze
Collect the Abkanis Statue of Anticoalt.

Hemicles’s Bull – Bronze
Collect the Indian Statue of Hemicles.

Ouphenos’s Bear – Bronze
Collect the Indian Statue of Ouphenos.

Gilamesh’s Snake – Bronze
Collect the Indian Statue of Gilamesh.

Heliopaner’s Fish – Bronze
Collect the Indian Statue of Heliopaner.

Hecatonchires’s Eagle – Bronze
Collect the Indian Statue of Hecatonchires.

Classic Six-Shooter – Bronze
Collect the Revolver.

For Three Times the Fun! – Bronze
Collect the Triple-Barreled Gun.

Potato Gun – Bronze
Collect the Grenade Launcher.

Packs a Punch – Bronze
Collect the Rocket Launcher Pistol.

Gas It Up – Bronze
Collect the Plasma Cannon.

Slow but Deadly – Bronze
Collect the Photoelectric Pulsar.

The Nightmare’s Nightmare – Bronze
Collect the Lightning Gun.

You Fool! – Bronze
Give the mirror to Judas De Certo.

Not My First Rodeo – Silver
As Carnby, enter the Basement Pipeworks without firing your weapon.

Detective’s Insight – Silver
As Carnby, investigate 25 objects.

Thorough Investigation – Gold
As Carnby, enter every possible room in the Manor, and unlock all possible doors.

Could It Be True? – Bronze
As Aline, consult the Black & White Photograph.

This Thing’s Useless! – Bronze
As Aline, attempt to reload the Revolver after depleting all ammo for it.

Don’t Leave a Gal Hanging – Bronze
As Aline, use the Walkie-Talkie in 10 unique rooms.

Well Documented – Bronze
Examine 15 unique documents across both playthroughs.

Let’s Make a Documentary – Gold
Examine 30 unique documents across both playthroughs.

Fear Me, for I Am Your End – Bronze
Defeat 50 monsters across both playthroughs.

Shadow Hunter
Defeat one of each type of common monster across both playthroughs.Silver

Effective Arsenal
Defeat a monster using every weapon in the game.Silver

Tactical Reload
Reload your weapon using the Reload option in the Weapons menu.Bronze

Try Not to Waste Those!
Use a First Aid Kit when your life bar displays a Fine status.Bronze

Afraid of the Dark
Turn on 10 light switches throughout the Manor.Bronze