Hisense’s Dual Cell ULED TVs Are Coming To Australia

Hisense has announced that their 2020 range of premium ULED TVs will be hitting Australia in 2020.

The ULED line doesn’t use OLED, but instead uses two LCD layers that are fused together which will deliver the deepest blacks that Hisense has ever delivered at lower costs. This range of TVs will provide Dolby Vision HDR, sporting modes and a games mode.

Pricing for the line will be revealed earlier in the year, with them to release later in 2020 for Australians.

Here’s what Hisense Australia’s Head of Market had to say about the new product line: 

Head of Marketing at Hisense Australia, Andre Iannuzzi, said: “If there ever was a Hisense TV technology to challenge OLED, this would be it. With its highly innovative composition and design, the ULED XD combines two LCD layers that are fused together to create one incredibly impressive display. It sets a new standard in LED TVs and we can’t wait to introduce it to Australians.”


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