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MSI’s Next-Gen Motherboards Are Modular, DIY-Friendly And Future Proof

More performance, ZERO effort.


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Motherboards might be simultaneously the most daunting, complex, crucial, powerful and objectively boring components of any PC build, but they’re also one that’s seen very little evolution in recent years. As revealed at Computex 2024 though, leading PC and gaming hardware manufacturer, MSI, is looking to change all that with “PROJECT ZERO.”

Taking a top-down approach to what a next-generation PC motherboard can be, MSI has debuted its forward-looking designs that spare no ideas to make your next PC build far more convenient, accessible, and (most importantly, if you ask me) aesthetically pleasing.

To that last point, PROJECT ZERO started out with MSI moving power, CPU power, fan pins, SATA, and other interfaces to the rear side of the motherboard for a cleaner overall look, a move that then created a need for smaller and more efficient components to avoid adding extra overall bulk to the new design.

The MSI Z790 PROJECT ZERO PLUS, for instance, supports CAMM2 memory modules, which save space by existing as a single module that rests flat against the motherboard. This not only makes for space saved and clean aesthetics but means more stability, less latency and easier upgrades or side-grades to/from other CAMM2-supporting devices. The MSI Z790 PROJECT ZERO PLUS also features a heap of next-gen-ready inclusions like lightning-fast Gen 5 PCIe, an extended heatsink, Wi-Fi 7 and DDR5 memory support.

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Other new motherboard concepts and features that the manufacturer has been showing off at Computex 2024 include mechanisms for easier PCIe connection and removal, quick antenna connections and tool-less SSD installation, all which should make for far easier new builds and upgrades in future rigs and make the idea of a DIY PC build much more enticing and attainable for everyone.

MSI’s new M.2 XPANDER-AERO SLIDER GEN 5 PCIe add-on card is particularly exciting, offering a way to install or swap an M.2 SSD right from the rear of your PC without the need to open it or remove the card itself.

You can read more about these new motherboard innovations from MSI along with all of its other Computex 2024 announcements and new products right here.