Xbox One Recon Tech Controller Confirmed For Australia

Today, Xbox announced the first of a new Tech series of Xbox Wireless Controllers. The first in the series is called the “Recon Tech Special Edition”. It’ll be available on May 8th in Australia and will retail for $99.99

Xbox says that the controller was inspired by military technology and performance patterns. It has laser etched texture on the front, gold accents and insignia are on the front of the controller.

My favourite feature is the back featuring textured diamond rubberised grip for added controller and comfort.


You can expect the same improved wireless that we saw in the last batch of Xbox One controllers.

Further to this, Xbox announced a brand new Copilot feature which would allow you to use two Xbox Controllers as if they were one. For accessibility purposes, you’ll be able to use two controllers in order to play a game with different parts of your body. This feature will be available later this year.