JB Hi-Fi Has Gotten In On The Fortnite VS PUBG Debate

It’s been a massive few weeks for Fortnite, with the game soaring to incredible heights before Drake jumped to the game with Twitch Streamer Ninja to 600,000 viewers yesterday.

JB Hi-Fi has gotten in on the debate, putting up a Post Malone tweet as one of their signature reviews with the simple wording ‘PUBG is still better’. This went viral yesterday after he tweeted it out during the Drake live stream.

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Honestly, it’s pretty wild. For a game that had almost zero hype 6 months ago, it’s crazy to see how quickly Fornite has risen to success.

Honestly, the rivalry between the two games has definitely been felt over the last few weeks, but they’re both great titles in their own right and PUBG is still breaking incredible records, just hitting 5 million downloads on Xbox One earlier this week.

Thanks, Kotaku.