The Original Battletoads On NES Is Being Reprinted With A Stunning Collector’s Edition

Iam8bit, the maker behind all things great in the video game collector’s edition space has announced the Battletoads Legacy cartridge collection. This will include the original NES game (in either translucent green or ultra rate brown), a fold out foil box, a premium instruction booklet, dust cover and retro pack-in surprise.

You can pre-order it now. There’s only 2000 being made and it’ll set you back $99 USD (which comes to about $154 AUD with shipping).

If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a 2xLP vinyl set with the best songs from Battletoads. It comes with 2 x pink vinyls as well as a 3D Pop-Up jacket. It includes music from the original 1991 game and the 2020 title as well. 500 randomly selected order will also receive a cassette. The vinyl set will set you back $42 USD (which is about $73 AUD with shipping).

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