CREDIT: Gamespot/Unboxing Therapy

Here’s The Xbox Series X And Xbox Series S Being Compared To Other Consoles

Microsoft has sent US outlets such as Gamespot final non-working prototypes of both the Xbox Series X/Xbox Series S and there’s definitely some huge takeaways from both units.

As expected, the Xbox Series X is obviously a lot more rectangular than we’ve ever seen in a console before, which is evident when stacked against consoles such as the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. It’s a lot shorter than other consoles, but it’s a lot fatter, so it might struggle to fit into some entertainment units.

Xbox Series XXbox Series X

The Xbox Series S on the other hand is ridiculously small for the tech that’s inside. Whilst it’s almost the same thickness as an Xbox One X, it’s nearly half the height of it and less wide. I was questioning Xbox when they said it was the smallest ever Xbox, but it very clearly is. When compared to the Xbox Series X, it looks absolutely tiny.

Xbox Series X
CREDIT: Gamespot
Xbox Series S
Credit: Unboxing Therapy

Unbox Therapy has also done some great comparisons against a number of other consoles, which you can see below.

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