Deathloop Xbox Game Pass

Deathloop Is Coming To Xbox Game Pass & PC Game Pass Next Week With New Content


After appearing on the Xbox Store earlier this week, Xbox has now confirmed that Deathloop is coming to Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass on September 20th.

The game will receive a new “Golden Loop” update on all platforms which will bring a new weapon, new enemies, new upgrades, an extended ending, cross-platform matchmaking and more.

The game is also joining PlayStation Plus Extra on the same day and has been a PS5 exclusive for the lsat year despite being owned by Microsoft.

We gave Deathloop a 9/10 in our review and said: “It’s not an easy thing Arkane has done here in serving up a genuinely fresh take on one of the medium’s most enduring genres. Deathloop redefines what a shooter can be, and the developer has used their entire toolkit to get there. Satisfying action, world-building that’s second-to-none, style and substance, and a genuinely enthralling riddle at the centre, Deathloop delivers it all. And it’s through these triumphs that Deathloop earns its place in the first-person shooter pantheon, and puts its hand up during Game of the Year talks.”

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With Deathloop regarded by many as last year’s GOTY, no doubt this is a big deal for Xbox Game Pass.