Deathloop Xbox

Deathloop Has Appeared On The Xbox Store

Here we go!

It’s been long thought that Deathloop had a one year exclusivity deal for PlayStation meaning that it would come to Xbox any-day now and it looks like that is the case.

A very eager-eyed Reddit user has spotted Deathloop on the Xbox Store with the words “pre-order now” attached to it. There’s no other details on the listing yet, but this alone is enough to tell us that it’s obviously coming to Xbox in the near future. The game released one year ago today on PS5, meaning that that one year deal is well and truly up.

Deathloop appears on the Store
by inXboxSeriesX

Xbox’s TGS stream is taking place tomorrow night (at 7pm AEST) and this definitely feels like it could be a good place to announce that it’s coming to Xbox. Obviously, we’ll keep you posted this week as any news eventuates.

Deathloop has already been confirmed to be coming to PlayStation Plus Extra on September 20th, which was a bit of a surprise given it is now technically an Microsoft owned IP. It’s assumed that it will also come to Xbox Game Pass, unless PlayStation and Bethesda had signed some kind of anti-competitive clause before Microsoft acquired the company.

We gave Deathloop a 9/10 in our review and said: “It’s not an easy thing Arkane has done here in serving up a genuinely fresh take on one of the medium’s most enduring genres. Deathloop redefines what a shooter can be, and the developer has used their entire toolkit to get there. Satisfying action, world-building that’s second-to-none, style and substance, and a genuinely enthralling riddle at the centre, Deathloop delivers it all. And it’s through these triumphs that Deathloop earns its place in the first-person shooter pantheon, and puts its hand up during Game of the Year talks.”