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Here’s How To Get One Of Starfield’s Best Spacesuits Super Early

Suit up!

Starfield has finally launched for everyone on Xbox Series X|S and PC today, and with the five days of early access that came before as well as the simple virtue of being a Bethesda Studios Game it’s only natural that folks are already discovering cheeky exploits to make the game easier or do things they shouldn’t be able to.

Case in point –the discovery of a laughably simple trick to obtaining one of the game’s better sets of spacesuit, helmet and boost pack pretty much as soon as you start your Starfield adventure in earnest and reach The Lodge in New Atlantis in the opening hours of the game.

The gear in question consists of the Mark I Spacesuit, Mark I Space Helmet and Mark I Pack, which are technically “common” equipment but are a massive step up from anything you’d be able to find this early in the game or even for most of your first playthrough, in terms of pure stats. They’re technically locked in a glass cabinet behind a “Master” level lock that you wouldn’t normally be able to break into without spending the time to significantly increase your Security Skill, but thanks to a sliver of a gap in the cabinet door you’re actually able to trick the game into giving up the goods without any fuss.

Here’s how it’s done:

How To Get The Mark I Spacesuit In Starfield Early

  • Step 1: Play through the opening of the game until you’re sent to The Lodge to meet the members of Constellation (or head back to The Lodge if you’re already a ways into the game)
  • Step 2: From the entrance inside The Lodge, head to the hallway on the right underneath the staircase and follow it down into the basement. From here, once you reach a room with three doorways head into the right one. Keep walking straight through another doorway where you’ll see a covered couch and a painting.
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  • Step 3: In the corner of the room is the cabinet containing the Mark I Spacesuit. Walk right up the cabinet and line up your reticle with the gap between the door and right-hand panel of the cabinet, making very fine adjustments until you see the label on your reticle change to “Mannequin” with the option to “Open.”
  • Step 4: Open the Mannequin prompt and collect your prize. It’s that easy!

If you’re having trouble lining up the reticle just right to grab the suit through the cabinet door, some folks have had more success dropping the sensitivity of their right analog stick way down to make it easier.

And there you have it. Bear in mind that this thing has base stats significantly better than most of the stuff you’ll find in the early stages of the game, so if you’d prefer not to kinda break the pacing of combat a bit by being overpowered you can probably just come back to this when it feels more appropriate and still use the trick to bypass dicking around with the actual lock – assuming Bethesda hasn’t patched the exploit before then.