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LEGO Horizon Adventures Hands-On Preview – Classic Horizon With A Hilarious LEGO Twist

More than a simple retelling.

I haven’t been excited for a LEGO game in a good while, but as a Horizon fan, I was more eager than ever to see how it would pull across to the franchise in LEGO Horizon Adventures, and I’m happy to say that it works really well.

The game re-tells the story from the first game, in not only a much simpler way, but a way that only a LEGO game could, taking key moments from the game and giving them a humorous LEGO twist, which I thought might be jarring, but it actually works quite well. The key characters are played by their original voice actors, which gives authenticity to the story.

lego horizon

I got to experience the start of the game, starting out playing by myself, learnings all the basics, including Aloy getting her Focus, and learning how to utilise it to learn about the machine’s weak points, which as far as I could tell, happen to be very, very similar to their real-world counterparts.

The combat is satisfying with Aloy having a bow that can be fired at machines, and also through fire to deal further damage or open up special areas. Rost is also in the game and he uses a spear that acts almost identically to the bow.

In the same way that the combat feels familiar, stealth plays as much of a part as you want just like it does in the real game, with Aloy hilariously disappearing into the tall grass as she goes into it.

lego horizon

There’s other familiar parts of the Horizon and LEGO franchises here respectively as well, with berries hanging on trees for health, chests featuring special power-ups, and there being a good amount of traversal and climbing ledges.

On the LEGO side you’ve got building galore, and collecting studs, which can be used to level up your characters. On that front, there’s general upgrades which can be done with studs and work across all of your characters, and character specific upgrades that are done by levelling up, which should hopefully provide a bit of meat on the bones.

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lego horizon

There’s a surprising amount of power-ups, both which pull from Horizon lore, but also random LEGO inclusions such as the LEGO hotdog cart, and whilst it can be a little bit jarring if you’re a Horizon fanatic, I’m glad things like this have been included for younger players.

Similarly, you can customise your character with familiar outfits from the Horizon franchise, but there’s also loads from the Ninjago and LEGO City franchises as well, just to name a few.

lego horizon

There’s also a central hub that seems like it will play a really big part in the game and how you continue to evolve the world around you, but I was brushed through this area pretty quickly to the boss battle which took place in the Cauldron.

This had me and my co-op partner taking on a Corruptor, and the difficulty level definitely ramped up, with it not being a walk in the park by any stretch. Not only did you have to keep eyes on the Corruptor, there was a lot happening around you, with my partner and I both constantly needing to be revived.

Even though my time with the game was short, I’m really eager to see what other surprises the team have in store with this one. Whilst it could have been a simple, by the numbers retelling, they’ve obviously tapped into everything in LEGO’s arsenal to pack as much fun into this as possible.