Review: Stealth Inc 2: A Game Of Clones

BANNER_STORY_STEALTH_INCStealth Inc 2 involves A leading scientist of the corporation responsible for the titular clones is trying to outshine a colleague of his who is at the very top of the company quota. The second rate scientist frustrated with his standings voluntarily stays back at work and unleashes a diabolical plan to climb ranks of his company quota. The pending madness of overtime obviously causes all hell to break loose!

SCREENSHOT_STEALTH_INC_0004_Layer 6The story takes a strong focus as to why the clones exist and what their actual purpose is, whilst offering a compassionate insight to the reason for the brutal demise of these poor things. Overall I felt it was a very simple story to kick start the game and keep it churning along, although looking at it from a sole puzzle game perspective it is a step well above what other genre entries have provided. Which I felt too be a strong step but wasn’t over bearing any other aspect by any means.

BANNER_PRESENTATION_STEALTH_INCAny true gaming perfectionist is going to appreciate this game running at a full 60 frames per second and next to no loading times inside of the game. The way Curve Digital have yet again crafted that truly dirty, grimy industrial look to the world the clones fight for survival in is flawless.

Overall though not a lot has changed in terms of its predecessor, musical themes are still as intense and nerve racking as you try to get your timing right for a section or even as you evade the bigger bosses. Where I believe this game presentation shines is the narration/commentary displayed on the walls in game. Say for example you are looking to run across a flat floor with a few hurdle obstacles, the writing on the wall will reassure you it is safe, until you are about half way through and turns on a death laser which needs lightning quick navigating as it taunts your imminent demise.

SCREENSHOT_STEALTH_INC_0001_Layer 9The smug writing on the wall taunting and teasing you can play havoc on your confidence, but like I said, this feature gives the game or series now a unique shine too it which I haven’t experienced before.

BANNER_GAMEPLAY_STEALTH_INCStealth Inc 2 expands on its predecessor in many ways, whilst still maintaining that frustratingly challenging unique charm that made the original such a success.As opposed to the linear levels offered up to you in the first games, players or clones are now gifted with being able to explore the facility they are created in. Working as a sort of metroid-vania hub world, players enter the levels, or tests as they are called. By gradually completing these tests new areas can be progressed to. I found this addition to be a much more enjoyable experience as it not only gave me an opportunity to envelope myself in this world as opposed to generically selecting levels from the original. In particular, structures of the building were tied together perfectly generating a familiarity between the gameplay of the hub world and levels to the story of this game.

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Being an exclusive for the Wii U, gamers can expect to get the most out of their system with the features incorporated into the game pad. In a co-op perspective, one player can control the movements of the clone as you would in traditional single player and the other player on the game pad can use a selection of tools to help or hinder the progression of their friend. Team work is great but the opportunity to destroy my friends hopes and dreams within the game is priceless, as I found a sense of all seeing power from the game pad. After studying the patterns of the puzzles for quite a while working out the kinks and tricks too them, I just couldn’t resist forcing my co-op partners demise right near the end, when they were at their most confident.

The challenges themselves have seen a degree of overhaul, keeping familiar elements and introducing new ones such as fan forced gravity or even smoke/steam to block out the sensors of turrets. More often than not, you will find yourself dumbfounded as you try to work around a particular challenge but when you finally see the light, that sheer feeling of outwitting success is brilliant.

Other perks added to the game include small pieces of customisation. Finding shining articles around the world allows you to be able to change the look of your clone; i.e. a cliche viking helmet can be worn as well as other various body outfits. Challenges are ranked and scored throughout the world or more appropriately the Miiverse; forcing the perfectionist players to get the treasured “S” Rank. Although to attain such a revered mark, you may be forced to come back to the stage once a new skill or method has been acquired.