Bargain Guide – Despair Unfolded Live!

With 2015 being arguably one of the biggest in gaming, we decided that there was no better time than now to start bringing you a bargain guide for the biggest games of the holiday season to ensure that you can fit as many games into your lineup as possible.

The best deal will always be at the top running down through local retailers and finishing off with online only deals, always remember to price match the lowest price if buying from EB Games!

Quiet week ahead in terms of new releases thankfully after the onslaught on our wallets in recent weeks! The major release is on Saturday but 3 other titles of interest hit midweek.


First up is the expanded remake of the cult Vita title Tearaway, re-imagined for the PS4. Comes in 3 varieties, with most retailers stocking the Messenger Edition at launch. Release is Wednesday, 9th of September.

BIG W leads the way with the standard edition at $59

JB Hi-Fi – Messenger Edition for $69
EB GamesMessenger Edition for $70
Gamesmenstandard Edition for $70
PSN digital standard edition for $55

MightyApe – Special Edition for $65
Big W
Special Edition for $69
Target Special Edition for $79

Kmart, Harvey Norman & Dick Smith aren’t listing Tearaway Unfolded at all yet, listing will be updated if store pages appear. Dungeon Crawl has the standard edition for $60 but won’t be instock until next week.

3 different editions of the game will be releasing as noted above, along with 2 DLC packs. Standard edition obviously comes with just the game, pre-ordering gets you the Pop-Up Pack DLC. Messenger Edition has the game, the Pop-Up Pack DLC as well as the Torn-Away Pack DLC. Finally the Special Edition contains the game, the Torn-Away Pack DLC and a rare and extremely adorable atoi plushie!RUGBY LEAGUE 3Coming along next on Thursday, 10th of September is Rugby League Live 3 by local developers Big Ant. Last gen versions will be coming out the following week.
Update: EB Games have moved up the release to Wednesday officially, should be similar at the other retailers!

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GAMESMEN leads the way PS4/X1 for $88

JB Hi-Fi – PS4/X1 for $98
EB GamesPS4/X1 for $100
Digital store prices – PSN $93, XBL <not yet for sale>

Target, Kmart, Big W, Harvey Norman & Dick Smith aren’t listing it at all yet, listing will be updated if store pages appear.DANGANRONPAAlso releasing at retail on Thursday, 10th of September is the Vita exclusive Danganronpa: Another Episode Ultra Despair Girls.

JB HIFI leads the way at $54

EB Games $60
PSN $55

Kmart, Harvey Norman & Dick Smith aren’t listing Ultra Despair Girls at all yet, listing will be updated if store pages appear (as unlikely as it is).