Kogan’s New 4K OLED TV Is Pretty Well Priced

Kogan is finally entering into the OLED TV market and thankfully, the pricing is way below all other OLED TVs on the market.

They’re starting with a 55″ TV and it’s currently priced at $1,779 for release on May 18th. For comparison, looking at JB’s website, the cheapest 55″ OLED is $2,496 with models going all the way up to LG’s model which is $4,198.

Whilst Kogan TVs are usually a bit iffy, this one looks good on paper with HDR, 4K, a 120Hz refresh-rate and 140,000:1 contrast ratio. It will also load up all your favourite streaming apps. In terms of how it actually looks it’s pretty nice, with a very slim bezel and a sleek looking stand.

Here’s what Kogan has to say about the TV: “delivers out-of-this-world ultra high-definition resolution with an impressive OLED panel and HDR to match. Prepare for an immersive, astonishingly vivid, colourful and out-of-this-world viewing experience that makes watching your favourite shows in crystal-clear clarity effortless.”


  1. Firstly, you can get LG 55 inch OLED TV’s around this price with ebay deals that pop up occasionally. The other thing that’s strange is it lists the contrast ratio at 140,000:1. While this is good, all OLED TV’s should technically be infinite:1 as when the pixel is shut off the black is perfect. Could indicate a cheap panel and/or dodgy software implementation. Do your research and tread carefully.

  2. That isn’t all that bad!
    Looks very similar to my 43inch PC monitor from Philips (the stand mainly).

    I also have an older Kogan LCD/LED TV from a fair few years ago – maybe around 5 years ago now.
    It’s still working fine don’t get me wrong but the colour and build quality is not the best. It has massive light bleed and light blotches in the middle of the screen – far more than you’d really expect for the price I paid at the time.
    But it was a lot cheaper than anything else out there so you get what you pay for.

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