GOG Is Currently Holding A Massive Sale With Over 3500 Deals And Four Free Games

Once-purveyor of DRM-free classic games and now full-fledged digital PC video game storefront, GOG, has just launched its “Winter Sale” (during our Summer, naturally) with a megaton of games discounted. GOG claims there are over 3500+ deals to be had, with deep discounts going up to 90% off on some titles.

Alongside the sale, there will also be up to four digital PC games given away for free. Starting with Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun until December 15th, and then finishing off with three unannounced titles on December 23rd, December 27th and January 3rd respectively.

New discounts are being added over the course of the sale, up until it winds down on January 5th, 2022, but we’ve had a quick peruse and picked out a few of what we think are the best games to grab during the sale now:

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Check out the full sale right here.

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