Here’s Your Final Reminder To Grab GTA Online For Free On PS5

It was a long time coming, but back in March we finally got the long-promised new generation versions of Grand Theft Auto V and its standalone online counterpart, GTA Online. Since launch we’ve been treated to some very hefty discounts on the single player portion of the game, but PS5 owners have definitely had the best deal with GTA Online being completely free.

That’s all about to end, though! The three-month introductory period is almost up and so this is your reminder, from us, to grab the updated version of GTA Online for free (and GTA V for very cheap) while you can – it all comes to a close on June 14th.

It’s not as simple as logging in on a browser and claiming the game before it expires though, you’ll need to navigate the PlayStation Store directly from a PS5 console to prove your eligibility for the deal, so we sadly don’t have any links for you to follow here. Just remember the following:

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GTA V/GTA Online PS5

  • GTA Online is free until June 14th, and then it’ll go up to the standard price of $30.95 on PS5.
  • GTA V is a miniscule $14.99 AUD until June 14th, at which point it’ll bump up to $59.95 AUD.

GTA V/GTA Online Xbox Series X|S

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