This Is The Cheapest PS5-Ready 2TB SSD We’ve Seen Yet


We’re back once again with another incredible deal on some added storage for your PS5 console, this time around with another 2TB SSD that’s cheaper than any out-of-the-box compatible drive that we’ve seen to date.

This time around it’s one of the more entry-level Gigabyte Aorus models that doesn’t quite reach the same sequential read speeds as the others we’ve recommended, but still hits above the minimum that’s required for the PS5 console (in fact, this particular drive reads faster in a PS5 than it does in a PC, according to the manufacturer).

The best part is this one is under $200 right now at an all-time low of $178 on Amazon – astronomically cheaper than what we usually see for a 2TB SSD that’s PS5-ready with heatsinks installed. The only catch, like some of the previous deals, is this one ships from the US which means the wait will be slightly longer at around a couple of weeks. Grab it below:

PS5 SSD 2TB Gigabyte Arous

Other great 2TB PS5 SSD options:

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