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Funko Fusion’s Release Date Has Been Announced Along With The First Full Trailer

The vinyl countdown is on.

Funko Fusion, the upcoming single player and online co-op action adventure game based on the the immensely-popular vinyl figures, was first teased all the way back in 2022 before being official revealed nearly a year ago, and now it’s finally got a release date and a first, big trailer.

The game will be coming to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Switch and PC on September 13th as both a physical and digital release. Those who pre-order it will also get a Walking Dead Pack DLC at launch for no additional cost, which includes Rick Grimes and Michonne Hawthorne as playable figures.

Funko Fusion is in development at 10:10 games, a studio featuring veterans of TT Games – the folks responsible for the LEGO titles – which is probably why it gives off very similar vibes to those games. And look, I’ll be the last guy to get excited about something Funko-related, but weren’t the LEGO games also just big-budget marketing for plastic toys riffing on popular IP? And those were fun!

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The trailer, which you can watch below, should give you a pretty good idea of the scope of the more than 20 franchises already confirmed for the game, and a surprisingly violent overall feel with plenty of plastic blood splatter and decapitations:

“Our vision at 10:10 Games is to create an incredible co-op videogame experience that will bring gamers from across the globe together in a unique, fun, energetic, and authentic gaming experience,” says Arthur Parsons, co-founder of 10:10 Games in a press release. “Crafted by a talented team, Funko Fusion is the ultimate celebration of fandom, blending beloved movie and TV properties for every generation with humor, fun mechanics, and fast-paced high-adrenaline action. Funko Fusion is the experience we believe fans are waiting to play, and finally, on a personal note, I get to have He-Man in a video game!”