Triumphant Return for God of War

The most destructive force in Greek history has made a violent return, this time to take out Norse mythology in a game simply titled “God of War”. Introduced with a stunning orchestral performance live in-house by Bear McCreary, the new God of War moves away from Greek mythology (after Kratos practically wiped out all the gods) and sets its sights on Norse mythology instead – something long rumoured after the leaking of concept art on the web.

Leading into a trailer of the game featuring Kratos and a young boy interpreted as his son, the game looked to be running in real-time, with stunning realism and graphic updates, yet retaining a sense of nostalgia not varying too far from the original games. Kratos takes out a series of monsters and a giant which screams the name of Valhalla while showing off new weaponry and moves.

Ending with dragons and a new world, God of War looks to be epic in the same vein as prior games.

You can see the gameplay video here: