God Of War Looks (Literally) Epic

Sony took to the stage today at their E3 2017 conference to squash all those rumours that the game was in development hell by showing off a new trailer. It looks absolutely amazing.

In the trailer, we see the burly Kratos reflecting with a young boy while they hunt creatures together, as well as Kratos delivering some pretty broody monologues. One thing is for sure though, that’s Kratos and his son we’ve seen in the trailers.

The trailer featured pretty equal division between cinematics and the new combat from a new perspective. Both aspects of the game look pretty great and much better than when we saw the game this time last year.

The trailer closed with what looks to be a pretty gargantuan enemy that we just can’t wait to encounter, the World Serpent.

God of War is due exclusively for PlayStation 4 in early 2018.

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