All Of Square Enix’s Announcements At E3

Alright look, Square Enix didn’t really show a whole lot. We’re not sure if it’s a matter of keeping cards close to the chest for other conferences or whether they just didn’t have a whole lot to show, but their brief showcase went over like a wet fart. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t a couple of cool things to see.

So on that, here are all of the big announcements from Square’s conference.

Kingdom Hearts III Will Feature The Fantastically Underrated Ratatouille 

“Though Square’s showing of Kingdom Hearts III was, for the most part, nothing new, the brief trailer did reveal that, along with Frozen, Ratatouille will be making an appearance in the game.”

Just Cause 4 Is As Insane As You’d Expect

“Rico faces new challenges in the games fictional South American country. Some of the newly announced weather mechanics are shown off in the trailer below showing off everything new to the series in 4.”

The Quiet Man Shown Off By Square Enix

“Silence rings loudest” is the motto for a game that looks actually super nice in motion. Of course, we can only speculate about the nature of the game itself. Will it meld FMV with its gameplay like the trailer suggests? Only time will tell on things like that.”

Babylon’s Fall Is The Next Game From PlatinumGames

“We’ve been wondering for a little while what the next project from the talented lads from PlatinumGames might be, and Square Enix has lifted the lid on Babylon’s Fall during their conference.”

Captain Spirit Connected To Life Is Strange 2

“Dontnod appeared during Square Enix’s E3 Conference to tease a little more about the newly announced The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, a game set within the Life is Strange Universe coming free on June 26th.”

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes Of The Elusive Age Gets A New Trailer

“Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of the Elusive Age gets its worldwide release September 4 and Square was eager to remind everyone during its E3 Conference, sharing the new trailer below.

There’s A Final Fantasy XIV And Monster Hunter World Collaboration Coming

“In an attempt to throw a curveball to both of the respective communities, Square Enix announced that there’ll be a collaboration between Final Fantasy XIV and Monster Hunter World.”

Lara Gets Brutal In New Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Footage

“Eidos Montreal showed off a section of stealth gameplay in which Lara sneaks through the jungle, brutally taking out Trinity baddies. This Lara Croft at full strength, using everything she has learnt to survive, blending her surroundings as she seeks to stop a Mayan apocalypse, outnumbered and outgunned.”