There’s A New Luigi’s Mansion 3 Trailer Featuring Some Ghostly Gameplay

Luigi’s spooktacular adventure got a good showing during Nintendo’s E3 Direct, showing off some of the game’s gameplay mechanics. Frustratingly, no release date was given, it was just reconfirmed for 2019.

Of course, Luigi will be properly equipped for his ghost hunting escapades. The Polter Gust G-00 can now slam enemies to inflict damage. Suction shot lets you destroy the environment and ghosts. Sometimes ghosts may gang up on you, but the new Burst ability pushes away ghosts to give you space to breathe.
You’ll also have the Gooigi ability, spawning a ghostly clone, who can move through physical obstacles and walk on spikes.

Scarescraper Mode is the game’s multiplayer mode where you and your friends must clear haunted floors of a skyscraper before time runs out.