Why I’m Excited For FUSE


With just under a month until the release of “Fuse” the first cross platform game from developers Insomniac Games, famous for their strong dominance over the PlayStation across multiple generations with such series’ as: Spyro the Dragon, Ratchet and Clank and Resistance. All critically acclaimed and well received games worldwide. With these achievements in mind the bar is certainly set high for Insomniacs first outing across both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Fuse, set sometime in the near future is structured from a third person perspective. Fuse is a four player co-op shooter (4 Players online co-op and 2 players via local split screen). It features a team of 4 mercenaries named Overstrike 9, all with their own quirks and perks to their individual personality. Together utilizing their lethal teamwork they are tasked with hunting down a terrorist cell known as Raven.

During which they stumble across fuse a form of alien matter that has the capability of forging with materials already found on earth take mercury for example when combined with the alien matter fuse to produce an even deadlier effect from a projectile weapon. Taking from the examples of previous insomniac games Fuse’s weapons are no doubt going to be outrageously powerful and well thought out for playing as a team, individually or just to create total chaos but non fused weapons are also provided at certain points in the game. Plenty of humour is sure to be provided through the game play and the strong story lines Insomniac has become known for.

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Each character in fuse has been granted a skill tree with the opportunity to develop their skills in ways the player sees fit to forge their team into a lethal killing machine, branches include, health and powering up your individualised fuse weapon across multiple paths (primary and secondary fire). Levelling up is the key to unlocking points on your skill tree, points are awarded for general kills but bigger points are awarded for the use of team work to eliminate enemies. As you level up your skill tree can be accessed in a new unannounced game variety in fuse (something which has been kept very tight lipped)

Insomniac has made it clear that this game is free flowing, easily accessible and a deeply fulfilling story. One opportunity of the flowing mechanics of the game is that once you have selected a character, you are by no means locked in to playing as that same person throughout the game, so long as there is a “bot” player you are able to swap characters and perhaps find yourself at a better strategical advantage given your situation.

Personally I cannot wait for the release of Fuse, Insomniac has set high bars for themselves through the gaming generations and this entry certainly does not look like it will disappoint

Fuse releases nationally for both PS3 and Xbox 360 on the 30th May.