Press-Start’s Most Loved: Power Ups

Heading into the next generation of gaming, the team at Press-Start are going to take a moment and reflect on some of the greats of gaming past. Second time around we are having a look at the best power ups in gaming. That special aid along your journey that makes it just that bit easier. That amazing edge over your opposition that makes you scream for joy! This time around we will be collecting each team members at Press-Start’s top 2 power ups with no particular order here they are:


Super Saiyan – Dragon Ball Z Legacy of Goku 2

Turning Super Saiyan, perhaps the most wished experience by any viewer of Dragon Ball Z. Pushing any Saiyan beyond their limits and temporarily boosting their abilities in combat along with causing dramatic changes in the users appearance. The first entry didn’t feature this amazing power up but second time around certainly made you feel the power of being a Saiyan.


Screw Attack – Metroid (series)

One of the most iconic moves in gaming. Using the technology of Samus Aran’s power suit you become a certified wrecking ball, somersaulting in air and emitting energy which can decimate your opponents upon contact.


Bloody Mess – Fallout 3/New Vegas

A gory feast for the eyes! After achieving level 6 you are then granted with even more violent deaths and a helpful +5% damage for all weapons.


Super Star – Mario (series)

The Super Star rendering you completely invulnerable to harm from enemies or even their projectiles. This power-up is an icon of all power ups and has appeared in numerous Nintendo games not just local to Mario himself.


Light Jak – Jak: The Precursor Legacy & Jak 3

The angelic side to Jak, light eco balances out his troubled mind giving him a somewhat more calmer attitude compared to just the troubles of the dark eco. Light Jak plays a defensive approach, applying health regeneration, shields, time freezes and flight. All to aid in evening the odds when numbers become overwhelming.

master cheif using active camo in halo 1 pc xbox

Active Camouflage – Halo (series)

For a short time the user will become completely invisible to the opposition, being engulfed in light bending energy to be taken full advantage of. The only give away is a small distortion in the light reflections, noises made such as gunfire or even footsteps in softer soils.


Static Thrusters – Infamous (series)

Transportation made easy, essentially gliding through the air Cole manipulates static electricity to navigate much more easily throughout New Marias or Empire City. Fun fact the colour of the static electricity changes colours based on your karma, good = blue and evil = red.


Cape Feather – Mario (series)

Collecting the feather in its original appearance transforms one of the two Mario Brothers into Cape Mario or Cape Luigi. Upon gathering a big enough run up and jumping you are enabled to fly throughout the levels. Lasting as long as the player keeps flying you can reach new bonuses and shoot through levels in a breeze.

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Bullet Time – Max Payne (series)

Powered from adrenaline you can instantly slow down everything and I mean everything, bullets, noises, falling debris and even character movements whilst all the time you the player perform your actions in the real time allowing for a huge turn of the tides when severely out numbered.


Fierce Deity Mask – The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

Perhaps the most rewarding power up of them all, after slogging out hours upon hours collecting all the masks throughout Termina to trade for the Fierce Deity Mask. A transformation mask so powerful it makes the final boss a cakewalk with an increase in size and a double helix sword that wields beams on each slash. The fan mythology behind this is brilliant and the mask symbolises the very essence of a “power up”.


The Hammer – Donkey Kong (original)

Mario, known as “Jump Man” (before he became a star) had only one offense against his barrel throwing nemesis Donkey Kong. Acquiring this hammer would allow you to destroy not only the pesky barrels being launched at you from building levels above but fires from oil drums and sand piles. Clearing a path to stop your “Cranky” adversary.


Cardboard Box – Metal Gear (Series)

The ultimate in stealth tactician and weaponry, jumping inside this durable and manoeuvrable box has allowed many characters of the Metal Gear series to successfully stealth past enemy patrols. Over the years it has certainly become a trademark of the series.


Dark Jak- Jak 2&3

After being exposed to two years of torturous dark eco treatments it reveals a darker much more animalistic and brutal side to our hero Jak. Upon collecting enough dark echo fragments you can unleash a variety of devastating attacking moves from Jak ranging from his dark blast, dark bomb and dark strike. All emitting strings of purple electricity that flows around Jak’s body reaching all the way down to his extended claws increasing his physical attack damage.


Spread Shot – Contra

Why shoot in one direction when you can shoot in 5? Collecting the spread shot will allow you to span a much greater area with bullets to fend off enemies and at closer range take down bosses with relative ease.

So there you have it the top 2 power-ups from all of the contributors here at Press-Start. Do you agree with their choices? Have you loved or loathed any of these before? Stay tuned to Press-Start as we welcome the launch of a new gaming generation by taking a look back at some of the greats of gaming past.