What I’m Expecting Bethesda To Show At E3

Bethesda’s E3 Press Conference will be taking place on Monday June 13th at 6am. We’ve rounded up all of the Press Conference in Australian local time as well as where you can watch HERE. Press Start will be in attendance at E3 this year, bringing you all of the coverage live from LA.[divider] [/divider]DISHONOURED2There is absolutely no doubt that Bethesda’s upcoming stealth game Dishonoured 2 will play a major part at Bethesda’s E3 conference. It is their flagship game for the 2016 holiday season. We already have a release date, which I believe should stick. What I suspect is that we’ll see more gameplay revealed highlighting the variety of gameplay in the game. Playing the game from two different angles with two different protagonists is a cool feature we don’t see nearly often enough in gaming, so hopefully they’ll be some actual gameplay showcasing this implementation.[divider] [/divider]

SKYRIM-REMASTEREDI’m almost certain that we’ll see Skyrim Remastered revealed for a holiday 2016 release. Skyrim’s release on PS3 was absolutely plagued by technical issues which means that many people never got to experience the game to its full potential. It makes sense for Bethesda to release this whilst working on the next Elder Scroll games. This is also strengthened in the fact that the game is yet to hit Xbox One Backwards Compatibility, despite being one of the most requested games to date. Any PC player worth their 2 cents will absolutely disregard this remaster, as anyone with a potato can run Skyrim at this point, and the huge amount of mods and the incredibly intuitive SKSE and Nexus system makes running them an absolute cinch, so it seems this remaster is barely worth registering. Even if the Xbox One version will have mods, it obviously won’t be running the Nexus system so you can chalk this one up to a quick port to make some extra dough and stir up a bit more hype for the eventual Elder Scrolls VI.[divider] [/divider]

BATTLECRYThis one is tricky. Originally revealed in 2012, BattleCry is a free-to-play 3rd person online shooter that was being released on the PC. It was a hero similar not too dissimilar to Battleborn and Overwatch. We’ve seen it at multiple E3s and locally at Pax/EB Expo, but it’s the game that never seemed to have got off the ground. I think that there’s a chance that we could see it at E3. I think that they might just come out and release the game but I don’t see it being too successful in the current landscape of games.[divider] [/divider]

PREY-2Prey 2 has had an extremely odd development history. It changed developers in 2013 before ultimately having its cancellation confirmed at Pax Australia in 2014. It has now been rumoured for the past 18 months that Arkane Studios were working on the game with a 2016 release targeted. It is expected, that if revealed, it will look completely different to the game that was being developed all those years ago. I personally can’t see it being revealed in 2016, especially if Bethesda are already releasing Skyrim Remastered & Dishonoured 2[divider] [/divider]

THE-EVIL-WITHIN-2I think that it’s completely possible that we’ll see a sequel to 2014’s The Evil Within. The game was incredibly successful becoming one of the most successful new Horror IPs of all time. The game wasn’t without issues, and there’s definitely room for improvement. I’d be really happy to see Shinji Mikami give it another go and try and build on a game that was incredibly special. I think that we’ll see a gruesome teaser at most.[divider] [/divider]

DOOM-DLCBethesda have already revealed that DOOM will receive three premium content packs priced at $24 each. I think we’ll see a chunk of their conference dedicated to getting us excited about DOOM’s DLC and why we should fork out insane amounts of money for more content. I’m not quite sure we’ll see any single-player DLC, but I think that they’ll release more maps, modes and insane weapons that should hopefully get the multiplayer up to scratch with the single player.[divider][/divider]

FALLOUT-4-DLCIt is without doubt we’ll see more Fallout 4 DLC confirmed. With the release of two smaller packs, and the large story DLC in Far Harbor so far, Bethesda will be detailing what season pass holders will receive in the coming months. I don’t think we’ll see anything quit was substantial as Far Harbour, but I think we’ll see more advancements on settlements without doubt as well as potentially new smaller areas.[divider][/divider]

QUAKEA Quake reboot is something that i’d like to see revealed. It’s unlikely at this point due to the fact that DOOM just released. It makes sense with both Wolfenstein and Doom being rebooted to great success. Doom in particular showed us just how well an old-school FPS could retain some of its original qualities and remain just as successful as when it was first released. Quake’s success would rely very heavily on its multiplayer. They’d have to retain that fast, arena styled gameplay whilst making it feel like a game that was built for today.

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