PlayStation VR Worlds Is An Incredibly Solid Package

Ocean Descent and the London Heist were some of the very first games that had people believing in PlayStation’s VR experience but never could I have imagined them eventuating into fully-fledged gaming experiences.

That’s exactly what PlayStation VR Worlds has become. The package includes five purpose-built, immersive VR experiences which will have you playing with a shark one minute, and hurling down a mountain on a street luge the next. As the weeks have rolled on, it’s become much clearer that these experiences are much more than just tech demos.

With a bunch of extra modes and a platinum trophy to boot, it’s clear the PlayStation VR Worlds will be to PlayStation VR, what Wii Sports was to the Wii.


The London Heist puts you in the shoes of an East-end gangster in London’s underworld. The experience works best with two move controllers, which allows you to pick up a gun, reload and aim in perfect unison. It’s basically an on-rails shooter that focuses on explosive set pieces.

The London Heist features a mode for beginner gamers that will add laser sights to guns to help with aiming. The experience will also include four shooting ranges to help you practise your shooting. Leaderboards are also there for good measure.


Dangerball has you using your head to essentially reflect a ball back and forwards. Think of it as Pong VR style. The experience will feature three modes. Quick Play lets you compete against AI opponents with special abilities, Tournament Mode lets you play through multiple rounds against bots, and Score Attack is an endurance mode where you have to keep playing for as long as you can keep scoring. Dangerball will also feature leaderboards to keep you coming back for more.


Luge has you street luging through the busy mountains with a bunch of traffic surrounding you. Find your way under trucks, swerve between cars and more in either a time trial mode or a four-part VR Luge Tour. Both of these have dedicated leaderboards. You’ll also be able to test your skills against ghost AI that will appear on the track around you.

Ocean Descent

The most widely publicised of all of the experiences, Ocean Descent takes you through three difference deep sea experiences. These experiences range from passive, gentle sea adventures to a terrifying shark encounter. It is said that there is a story that each of these experiences will take you through. Although this seems like the most shallow experience (no pun intended), it’s definitely the most immersive from what we’ve played.


Scavengers Odyssey has you taking part in an epic space adventure where you become an alien who is tasked with finding a mysterious artefact. You’ll take control of a spider-like craft which can walk on walls jumping huge distances between floating wreckage. The experience is said to have a backstory to discover which requires you to discover Blackbox recordings in order to piece together the full story.

PlayStation VR Worlds will launch on October 13th for $54.95. You’re able to book a PlayStation VR trial session at a number of Westfield Australia locations HERE.