5 Helpful Tips To Survive Resident Evil 7: biohazard

Resident Evil 7: biohazard is so, so close! The newest entry in the Resident Evil franchise is releasing for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC on the 24th January. But it plays a little bit differently like previous Resident Evil games. Like the Resident Evil games that enjoyed an audience millions greater than those that came before it.

But when most players boot up Resident Evil 7, they might feel overwhelmed. They might feel that there’s so much stuff to worry about or stock up on through their journey. But that’s simple not the case!

We have a set of tips to help you get the most out of your first run of Resident Evil 7. Of course, you could ignore us and play through the game without taking any of this into consideration, but having just a little bit of insider information can mean the difference between frustration and enjoyment.
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Throughout the game you’ll be confronted with open environments that you’ll have to explore. Most of the time, you’ll also be chased by the Bakers. While it’s tempting to shoot at them to down them or stun them, we really recommend that you don’t The Bakers will usually return later if you take them down during normal gameplay. They won’t die unless you take them down in predetermined boss battles. There’s no rewards or incentives to do so like in Resident Evil 3. Most areas will be emptied after completing them, which means those who want to explore will get a chance to if they just progress a little bit further.

What we do recommend doing, however, is using your precious earned ammo to take down the Moulded that appear throughout the estate. The Moulded are the basic enemy of the game and thankfully, in Resident Evil 7, taking them down means they’ll stay down. Our (obvious) suggestion? Aim for the head! Don’t worry about their limbs, as tempting as it may be to cripple them.
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Madhouse Mode is a classic Resident Evil fans wet dream. It’s difficult, you can only save if you have an cassette tapes (an item not unlike Ink Ribbons of yesteryear) and you unlock it after finishing the game. Unless you pre-order, where select packages can unlock Madhouse Mode from the get-go. This sounds like a great way to jump into the game and get a challenge, especially given the tail end of the game is cruisy. But I really recommend playing the game through first, at your own leisure, and then playing through Madhouse Mode for a second run.

The reason being is that Madhouse Mode remixes item locations. It plays with your expectations of the game and where items should be, as well as enemies. Enemies aren’t introduced like they are in the Normal or Easy modes. They’re just thrown in, with no fanfare. Items can be earnt with Antique Coins rather than found naturally, and some puzzles and shortcuts can be entirely skipped. It’s a great mode, and one that I found challenging, but one that I sincerely believe should be played after familiarizing yourself with the game.
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Those who played Resident Evil 4, 5 or 6 will probably be used to running through each level, from beginning to end, with no need to turn around and explore the area they’re in. For a large majority of the game, Resident Evil 7 lets you explore the estate. Explore every nook and cranny for items, ammunition and supplies. But perhaps more importantly, every key you find will open doors, both literally and figuratively, for players.

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If we’re going to be more specific, there will be a time when you leave the house and enter another one. You’ll find a key in the second location. Don’t wait until the game takes you back there through the story, go back and explore the new rooms as the supplies you’ll find there will be helpful for the moments ahead. But we’ve already gotten too specific, so we’ll just move on…..
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Antique Coins are the major currency in Resident Evil 7. You’ll find them thrown about the estate and can exchange them in an area for upgrades to Ethan as well as a weapon or two. In Madhouse Mode, there’s quite a few cages to unlock (and thus more coins). In Normal or Easy mode, you’ll encounter three cages in the first major save room you find. Two of these cages will improve Ethan’s abilities. One of them will provide access to a powerful weapon.

Given the nature of Resident Evil 7, it’s mighty tempting to save up these coins until something better comes along later. Because Antique Coins aren’t exactly in an abundant supply throughout the Bakser Estate. But take it from me – DON’T WAIT. These three cages in Normal and Easy modes are all you’ll have the opportunity to unlock. Nothing better comes along – so get spending!
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Resident Evil 7 introduces Psychostimulants, a consumable item that highlights the location of any items for Ethan to find. They can be found or created using materials found peppered along the estate. It may be tempting to use them straight away, to highlight any collectibles or supplies that you might have missed. But I don’t recommend doing this. I recommend holding onto them until you can properly sweep the area.

What do I mean by that? Hold on to them until you have cleared an area of enemies, or triggered events to get your stalker off you. This way you can speed run through the areas using one set of psychostimulants and collect supplies as quickly and efficiently as you so please. This’ll make sure you’re nice and stocked up for future events and limit your use of psychostimulants.[divider] [/divider]


I can’t mention how many times I would stop playing after a lengthy session in VR that started in the daylight, take off my headset, and then run to the nearest light switch in my pitch black room.

Resident Evil 7 will creep you out when playing, especially in Playstation VR. So look after yourself and turn on a light before you jump in. It’s dark inside of the VR headset no matter what time of day you play.
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So that’s all from us, but what about you? Do you have any tips for Resident Evil 7? Let us know in the comments!