A Look At Australia’s First Esports Bar, GG EZ

Today, I had the privilege of stepping into GG EZ, the almost finished esports bar, located in Melbourne’s Queen Street. It was clear from the moment that I stepped inside that a lot of love and care had been put into the place.

Everything from the neon GG BOY signage (before you get into the bar) to the custom wall art by Melbourne’s Justine McAlister featuring Overwatch’s own D.Va are aesthetically pleasing. You’ll be met with cool, hip neon lighting even when you head into the bathrooms. Everything about this place oozes a cool, hip vibe which Melbourne often delivers in its establishments.

The Owner of GG EZ, Lachlan McAllister, is a well-known figure in Melbourne’s nightlife scene and is a massive esports fan himself. It’s evident that McAllister’s talent and ability to combine his passions has produced an incredible result.

The entire food/drink menu is still under wraps for a little longer but I had the pleasure of taste testing one of GG EZ’s signature cocktails and it was an absolute delight (it includes some ingredients that gamers will definitely appreciate).

I’ll be honest, I have an interest in esports, but have often found it hard to find an entry point. GG EZ seems like the perfect way to learn the basics and get involved in the competitive gaming scene. Actually sitting around a bunch of screens (constantly playing esports) and being around like minded people with great food and drinks seems like the perfect way to enjoy the booming esports scene.

With only a few finishing touches to go, the launch will be taking place in September (an actual date isn’t far away). It’s located smack-bang in the middle of Queen Street, which means that it’ll be almost impossible not to step into on your way home from a hard night’s work.

I’m excited to see GG EZ absolutely flourish and another place for gamers to gather and share a few drinks is a tick in my book. You can follow all the latest GG EZ happenings on their Twitter page. 

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