The Nintendo Switch’s Lineup Of Games Is Already Better Than The Wii U’s First Year

A chart posted by Vooks clearly showcases the Nintendo Switch’s lineup of Nintendo published games in the first 12 months in comparison to the games that released on the Wii U in console’s same period of life.

The chart has made me realise just how great the first 12 months of Nintendo Switch games have been in comparison to the Nintendo Wii U (and quite frankly most other consoles in history). There’s still not the biggest amount of games, but it’s impossible to deny that there’s something for everyone.

There’s a few games that the list is missing. Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is notably missing (although it’s published by Ubisoft) and SnipperClips is a fantastic game that is getting a physical release later in the year.

It helps that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild launched alongside the console at the start of March. It’s definitely going to be in a lot of game of the year discussions and it’s heralded by many as the best game of all time.

1-2 Switch wasn’t too great, but it’s definitely more inventive than both Game & Mario and Wii Party U. Next we saw Mario Kart 8 Deluxe which was a portable version of arguably the best Mario Kart game of all time. It’s already sold incredibly well and will continue to keep selling.

ARMS continues to deliver in quality content and also managed to ship over a million units. It’s Nintendo creativity at its finest and the game that I’ve probably enjoyed most on my Switch. It perfectly uses the Joy-Con for a casual setting, but also acts as a great hardcore fighter in TV mode. Splatoon has inspired a new generation of Nintendo games which has lead to Splatoon 2 being an absolute juggernaut. Japanese gamers still can’t get their hands on a Nintendo Switch and it’s largely due to this game.

In the coming weeks/months, we have Pokken Tournament DX which probably isn’t the fighting game that many people wanted (where are you Super Smash Bros), but it’s an underrated game that many people didn’t play on the Wii U.

We also have Fire Emblem Warriors which will definitely suit the portable nature of the Nintendo Switch. We will then get Super Mario Odyssey which based on everything we’ve seen will almost certainly go down as the best Mario game. It’ll also certainly be a contender to Breath of the Wild for GOTY.

Rounding off the year will be Xenoblade Chronicles 2 which is set to quench everyone’s thirst for a good Action RPG to take on the go. Then we’re off to 2018 where Nintendo have a further three months to solidify this incredible first 12 months. They’re almost certain to have a few more first party titles.

At this point, we’re not even counting the wealth of third party and indie games that have released (and are soon to be released on the console). Games like NBA 2k18, FIFA 18, Skyrim, Doom and Wolfenstein II which are set to allow us to take some pretty amazing games on the go.

It’ll be interesting to see where the next 12 months take the Nintendo Switch, but its fairly amazing to see how Nintendo have turned things around from the Wii U era so far.

  1. Everyone is trying so hard to rip on the Wii U shut up >:( already god it’s not a bad system get over it The Wii U game pad is more dutiable the the switch . The Wii U has more feature to it. Nintendo might be ashamed of the Wii U but it was their fault it failed they didn’t listen to the consumer. Im going to defend the Wii U as one of Nintendo best ever consoles, most unappreciated consoles ever Bayonetta 1, 2 Mario Maker the wonderful 101 . And yes I have a switch but the only game I enjoy on it is a game called has been heroes and it’ not exclusive arms is ok but I didn’t buy it .Mario Odyssey is awesome doom is good but until platinum games,capcom comes out with something the switch is a waste of Money >:( Leave the Wii U Alone and it’s worth more new than the switch 500 dollars for the alot of Wii U bundles. The switch was a pitch for the Wii U yes it’s a good system but don’t hate on the Wii U.

  2. No, The Wii u was backward compatibility with the Wii. If the Switch had this backward compatibily with wii u, splatoon, pokken tournament, mario kart deluxe and raymand legend, would be already playable on switch. But, instead we can not play at so many great wii u games such as super smash bros for wii u, donkey kong country, mario maker and so on. But, mario odysey, zelda, mario kart deluxe, arm, splatoon, la noir, doom are good games

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