The Australian Price For That Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch Bundle

Nintendo revealed that they’d reveal a Nintendo Switch bundle for Super Mario Odyssey alongside the game on October 27th. The bundle includes a Switch console, a downloadable code for the game and special Mario red (not neon) Joy-Cons.

EB Games is the only retailer to list the bundle so far and it’s listed for $549.95. This appears to be $90 above the price of the Nintendo Switch by itself, so it’s not technically an amazing deal but you are getting those special red Joy-Con (which don’t appear to be available separately at this stage at least).

We’ve reached out to Nitendo just to double check that this is the RRP for the bundle, but we’re assuming it is due to the fact that it doesn’t say ‘PLACEHOLDER PRICE’ and the fact that EB Games rarely list bundles for below RRP.

      1. Right I actually forgot to edit it back yesterday haha. Indeed it is $80 but switch itself is $470 so it adds up to $550 as well which makes it completely same as RRP

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