Last Minute Christmas Gifts For The Gamer That Has Everything

Gamers and tech heads are probably the hardest people to buy presents for. We’re always getting the latest and greatest as soon as they release, often leaving nothing left to buy for Christmas time. All here’s five awesome items that hopefully your significant other isn’t likely to have and will definitely appreciate.


WHERE TO BUY: Toys R Us – $199.99

Remember the days of Guitar Hero and SingStar? Well, DropMix is set to bring the party back to your living room. DropMix is by Harmonix (the creator of Guitar Hero) and basically allows you to mix and match a bunch of popular songs in the form of cards that have instruments, beats and music attached to them. It connects to your smart phone and is super easy to use. There’s music from Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, Sia, The Weeknd and more, so definitely something for everyone.



The Razer Wolverine Ultimate is for Xbox gamers who are looking to up their game from the standard Xbox controller that comes with the console. You can use it with both your Xbox One or Windows 10 PC. There’s 2 shoulder bumpers, 4 multi function triggers, a 4 button quick menu button and there’s also interchangeable thumbtacks and D-Pads for those that want to change up the default look.


WHERE TO BUY: JB Hi-Fi – $199 

This is definitely one of the coolest gifts that you can get someone. Propel Star Wars Battle Drone comes in three variations (each as epic as the next). You can get an X-Wing Starfighter, a TIE Fighter or a Speeder Bike. Personally, I’d go for the TIE Fighter. You can literally battle other drones with lasers, reach flying speeds of up to 56KPG and control the drone with your phone.


WHERE TO BUY: JB Hi-Fi – $96

The Astro A10 is the first headset in the Astro range that has been affordable for the everyday gamer. It’s well priced at $96 but still managed to deliver the quality both in materials and sound that Astro have been known for over the past few years.


WHERE TO BUY: Big W – $439

PlayStation VR was a great gift last year, but probably a little bit on the expensive side. It’s got a massive prize drop in the last month or so. You can now get the VR headset, a PlayStation Camera and a copies of PlayStation Worlds and Farpoint for around $400, which is pretty incredible considering it was $550 for just the headset a year ago. There’s a bunch of great software and more to come in the next few months, so now’s a great time to jump onboard.

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